Reviewing the Laws


Guardian Law offers three main premium services to our clients including Business Creation, Estate Planning, and Marketing Review


Estate Planning


We create creates Estate Plans that can: (1) be changeable (revocable); (2) avoid the awful probate court process; (3) keep your family affairs and finances private; (4) specify who receives your money and property; (5) provide for your surviving spouse; (6) be set up to save estate and gift taxes; (7) will minimize property tax increases on your passing, and (8) consider income tax implications of transfers of money and property to your heirs and beneficiaries.


We provide comprehensive estate planning services to our clients. Having represented numerous clients in litigation, we take every opportunity to anticipate potential problems that can arise after your passing.  Pro-active estate planning means crafting appropriate paragraphs in the estate planning documents to resolve problems before they happen.


We will specify what happens to them if disabled, and what happens to their money and property in the event of death.  Thankfully, Guardian Law an attorneys, will custom-tailor your Estate Plan to meet your personal needs. 


A typical estate plan will: (a) be revocable (changeable); (b) will keep your estate out of the time-consuming, expensive, and very-public probate court system; (c) will keep your family affairs and finances private; (d) will provide a specific plan as to who receives your money and property upon your passing; (e) will provide for your surviving spouse; (f) will be set up to save estate and gift taxes; (g) will minimize property tax increases upon your passing, and (h) will consider income tax implications of transfers of money and property.


Business Creation


Formally registering a new or existing business can be a difficult task, and may seem unnecessary to many entrepreneurs or small business owners.  Registering a business, however, provides owners with significant benefits and protections. The most important advantages involve tax implications and protection from personal liability for business debts.


Prior to registering a business, an owner must decide which form of business entity to establish and what state to register (or domicile) the business in.  The choice of business entity is an important decision that has a lasting effect on your business, and should be made with the advice of a Business Lawyer. The most common forms of business entities in Massachusetts are the Corporation, S-Corporation, Limited Liability Company, Partnership and Limited Liability Partnership – each having its own pros and cons, its own tax implications, annual set-up and maintenance costs, levels of liability protection, and management structures.


We assist thousands of clients every year to set up businesses.  Any company or law firm can register a business.  Our goal is to help people use the businesses they create and to get the most of the benefits of that business.  That is why we offer a full service entity registration process that is seamless and provides great training to our clients on how to effectively utilize their business. 


Marketing Review


Advertising in the digital age is difficult, and there are a lot of rules to follow.  We provide a comprehensive marketing and advertising review service that assists individuals and companies on how to present their products and services lawfully. 


Our attorneys regularly advise on all issues relating to the creation, production and dissemination of all kinds of advertising, marketing, and promotion material across all media. Our unmatched experience addressing issues generated by the influx of interactive technology and consumer-generated content allows us to help clients adapt and succeed in a world of rapid change.


Guardian Law is at the forefront of changes that affect the advertising industry, and no law firm offers more experience in meeting all needs of advertisers, networks, and agencies. We represent clients in all matters involving advertising, marketing, entertainment, intellectual property, interactive, integrated and traditional media, sales promotion, direct marketing, public relations and licensing. With a thorough knowledge of the various businesses within these industries, our attorneys develop innovative solutions to any issues our clients encounter. We frequently are called upon to advise in situations where there is no precedent, and consequently, Davis & Gilbert attorneys often establish the industry standards in these areas.




Gregory J. Christiansen is the managing partner of Guardian Law, LLC.  He has a national practice with prior and current cases in Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Maryland, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Utah, and Washington.  In addition to Guardian Law’s main function assisting with estate planning, asset protection, property closings, and tax lien foreclosures, Gregory’s practice centers on national and local Advertising and Marketing compliance and litigation.  In particular, Gregory’s practice focuses on advising clients in all aspects of television advertisements, direct-to-consumer marketing, telemarketing, and e-commerce, including trial litigation, appellate litigation, alternate dispute resolution, and the assessment of potential Marketing opportunities or risks a client may face.

Gregory’s practice spans a wide range of clients and industries.  He has experience litigating multi-million dollar contract disputes, partnership dissolutions, restrictive covenant violations, and employment disagreements.  He also has extensive experience in interacting with state and federal regulatory bodies, assisting his clients in resolving multiple state and federal regulatory actions.  Gregory has extensive experience in litigating complex civil and regulatory issues.

Gregory also currently serves as the Administrative Law Judge for the City of Taylorsville, and Chair of the City’s Employment Review Board