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Formally registering a new or existing business can be a difficult task, and may seem unnecessary to many entrepreneurs or small business owners.  Registering a business, however, provides owners with significant benefits and protections. The most important advantages involve tax implications and protection from personal liability for business debts.


Prior to registering a business, an owner must decide which form of business entity to establish and what state to register (or domicile) the business in.  The choice of business entity is an important decision that has a lasting effect on your business, and should be made with the advice of a Business Lawyer. The most common forms of business entities are the Corporation, S-Corporation, Limited Liability Company, Partnership and Limited Liability Partnership – each having its own pros and cons, its own tax implications, annual set-up and maintenance costs, levels of liability protection, and management structures.


We assist thousands of clients every year to set up businesses.  Any company or law firm can register a business.  Our goal is to help people use the businesses they create and to get the most of the benefits of that business.  That is why we offer a full service entity registration process that is seamless and provides great training to our clients on how to effectively utilize their business. 

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