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We create Estate Plans that:

  1. Are changeable (revocable)

  2. Avoid the awful time-consuming, expensive, and public probate court process

  3. Keep your family affairs and finances private

  4. Specify who receives your money and property

  5. Provide for your surviving spouse

  6. Are set up to save estate and gift taxes

  7. Will minimize property tax increases on your passing, and

  8. Consider income tax implications of transfers of money and property to your heirs and beneficiaries.


We provide comprehensive estate planning services to our clients. Having represented numerous clients in litigation, we have seen and understand many of the concerns you may have as you create and prepare your estate planning documents. Our team can help you create a plan that protects your current and future interests. Your custom-tailored estate plan will include a trust, will, power of attorney, and health care directive to ensure that you and your loved ones are prepared for the future.

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